Dental Checkups & Hygiene

Dental Checkups & Hygiene

Preventative care is the key to healthy teeth

Regular check-ups and hygiene treatment are critical in taking a pro-active approach to your overall care and health. It is a well-known truth that a clean mouth helps in preventing breakdown of teeth, bones, and gum tissue.

You may not know that a clean mouth is also vital in a person’s general health. There are well-established links between periodontal disease (disease of the gum and bone tissues in the mouth) and heart disease.Dental Checkups & Hygiene

A healthy mouth also has a major impact on the stability of other whole body conditions such as diabetes.

Dental Checkups & Hygiene

What to expect

Your initial visit will be scheduled with Dr Riazi so that your needs can be accurately assessed and the appropriate treatment offered. The hygienist will then see you for the treatment.

A variety of instruments will be used to effectively remove plaque and tartar around your teeth and/or implants as well as to disturb biofilm inside your mouth. Biofilm is the accumulation and production of bacteria inside your mouth that results in inflamed and diseased tissue.

We will chart the existing status of you gum and bone levels in your mouth. This “periodontal charting” allows us to evaluate the success of our treatment as well as the success of your homecare. We may also recommend treatments such as PerioWave, which is diode laser treatment specifically targeted at the “bugs”/pathogens that cause periodontal disease. Further, we may also recommend polishing to smooth tooth surfaces, and fluoride treatments to help strengthen the enamel making it more cavity resistant.Dental Checkups & Hygiene

At Markhamack Dental, our goal is to help you achieve the best level of health you desire. There are more bacteria in your mouth than anywhere else in your body making it a challenging environment to manage, but rest assured that we are trained extensively in the therapies required to do just that.

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