Missing teeth impact your oral health, lessen your quality of life, and make eating a healthy diet difficult. Plus, an incomplete smile can add years to your appearance. Dr. Riazi & our team at the Markhamack location designs dentures and partials customized for outstanding fit and comfort. We partner with a skilled denturist who creates replacement teeth from quality materials and leaves no detail unfinished.

Dentures or a Partial: Which One is Right for Me?

Full dentures restore complete rows of teeth. If you’re missing most or all of your teeth, dentures will return a natural appearance to your smile. A full set of teeth will support facial structure for a more youthful look, as well. You’ll smile confidently knowing that your replacement teeth look like the real thing.

Dr. Riazi may recommend a partial denture if you have some healthy teeth remaining. Partial dentures fill gaps scattered throughout a smile. Dr. Riazi and our team will design and create your partial to blend beautifully with your natural teeth.

Dentures can be secured with natural suction, over-the-counter adhesive, while partials are typically held in place with unobtrusive clasps. Dental implants also offer a secure foundation for your denture or partial. Custom-fit with snaps, the restoration will simply snap onto the implanted posts, eliminating uncomfortable slipping.

If you are ready to smile again, contact our Markhamack location for a denture consultation. Dr. Riazi can discuss the restoration and placement method that is right for you.

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