Dr. Shahram Daneshdoost

Dr. Shahram Daneshdoost


Dr. Shahram Daneshdoost(the kids call him Dr.“D” ) is a member of our dental team at Markhamack Family Dentistry. Dr. D’s goal is to provide you with the highest quality dentistry and best customer service. He takes pride in routine orthodontic treatments but is also focused on assessing how your oral health impacts your overall health care. Dr.D has extensive experience providing a variety of orthodontic services, including but not limited to preventive and interceptive orthodontics for kids and adolescents, esthetic and fixed comprehensive orthontics (braces) and Invisalign for teenagers and adults, adjunctive orthodontics to prepare old extraction sites for implants, and etc.

Dr. D was trained at the University of Shahid Beheshty in Tehran and received his DDS in 1995 and his specialty in orthodontics in 2002, then he immigrated to Canada and recertified his DDS in 2010 from the university of Toronto and his specialty degree in orthodontics in 2012. Currently Dr. D is practicing in 12 dental offices as a Certified Orthodontist and FRCDC. He also practices as an instructor in one of the clinics of the faculty of dentistry of the University of Toronto. He strongly believes in continuing education and routinely attends courses to ensure that his patients continue to receive cutting edge care. In his free time Dr. D enjoys, snow boarding in the winter and scuba diving and playing tennis in the summer. He also is a big fan of body building and “dancing” to keep his body and soul Young.

Dr. D is a standing member of the RCDSO and RCDC.


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